Izomont Ltd. is a construction company specialized for finishing in the construction industry, with laying concrete, making industrial floors and hydroizolation as main activities.

Top class equipment, professional staff and extensive experience enable us to meet all the market requirements. The concrete laying dynamics of 2500 m2/day, using modern equipment with laser guidance, sets large projects as an objective, engaging all the capacities and having the quality of performed works as a priority.  SOMERO S series with the LASER SCREED technology of the last generation is used for laying concrete on large surfaces, while COPPERHEAD, also with the LASER SCREED technology is used for laying concrete on smaller surfaces and surfaces which are difficult to reach, as well as on interfloor constructions.
Rotation honing machines, single or double are used for rough and fine processing of concrete surfaces and ferrous concrete.

Among the industrial floors, we would like to point out the most applied and optimum solution – based on dry powder layer over fresh concrete, the so called ferrous concretes which belong to the additive anti-wear industrial floors used for high mechanical load, as well as for application on large surfaces. These floors are characterized by extraordinary installation dynamics, efficiency and durability. Izomont has long experience in making ferrous concrete and providing complete service; it can be easily said that Izomont is the regional leader in this field. We apply both the classic hydroizolation – using condor, and using modern HDPE, PVC and PE foils and membranes.

IZOMONT d.o.o. BEOGRAD, Company for finishing works in construction industry, engineering and consulting,
General Ždanova 202 11226 Pinosava - Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 3907 923, Fax: +381 11 3907